The Men’s Ministry at Rose Hill, partnering with our pastor, offers spiritual growth opportunities for all men of the church. Everyone has different gifts, graces and areas of interest. Therefore, opportunities for participation include diverse ministries of the church, such as prayer groups, missions, Bible studies, retreats, workshops/seminars, small groups in the Wesleyan tradition, leading and participating on committees, teaching Sunday school classes, youth ministries, scouting, mentoring and assisting in leading worship service. We invite all men, in our church and in our community to join us as we focus on growing spiritually. 



Our mission is to support spiritual growth among men, helping men to mature as disciples as they encourage spiritual formation in each other with the goal of empowering the ministry of Jesus Christ through men within our congregation.
Contact: Brad Bowsher,

Methodist Men

Our group meets formally once a month for breakfast on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 7:30am. We begin with a prayer, breakfast, short business meeting, and then a program or activity. We have had guest speakers in the past, worked on a person’s home, and led church-wide clean up days, as a few examples of the things we do for our church and surrounding community. We also have smaller groups of men meet and do projects or participate in social gatherings in the community that provide support to our surrounding community. All Rose Hill men and friends are welcome be a part of our efforts.